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Tulane Law School

Specialty Programs: Admiralty & Maritime Law

Tulane Maritime Law School


Tulane Maritime Law School Journal

Tulane Maritime Law School Journal#2

Tulane Law Journals

Tulane Maritime Law School Law Library (Howard-Tilton Library)

Glossary of Maritime Law Terms, 2nd Ed., 2004 By William Tetley, Q.C.

Maritime Law Association of the United States



46 USC "Shipping"

46a USC "Shipping"


Admiralty and Maritime Law

Robert Force
2004, 242 pages

Admiralty and Maritime Law

(In Print: Available for Distribution) This monograph introduces federal judges to admiralty and maritime law, including both general maritime and statutory law. The author examines the rules relating to jurisdiction and procedure that are peculiar to this field. Topics include areas relating to commercial law, such as charter parties, carriage of goods, and marine insurance. The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, the Pomerene Act, and the Harter Act receive extensive treatment. The monograph explains the body of law dealing with maritime personal injury and death, including damages and seamen's remedies, the Jones Act, and the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. Collision, towage, pilotage, salvage, limitation of liability, maritime liens, and general average are also covered.

Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville

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Institute for Paralegal Education Litigation Web is an online resource of litigation related topics such as a directory dedicated to listing litigation professionals and litigation related websites. You will find listings of litigation attorneys by practice area, litigation research topics, litigation support resources, expert witnesses, litigation technology consultants and more.

Martindale-Hubble Directory (Lawyer lookup)

"Animators at Law"
is the leading attorney owned and operated provider of trial exhibits, animation, graphics and jury research for three-quarters of the largest law firms. Our ability to make complex or boring information interesting and understandable through the use of visual aids and oratorical techniques is unsurpassed worldwide.
Internet Legal Practice Newsletter

Welcome to the link to the web site for the
United States District Court - Western District of Kentucky.

This site provides web access to public information previously distributed directly through the Offices of the Clerk of Court.

Western District of KY. (U.S.D.C.)
Bankruptcy Court at WDKY (U.S.D.C.)

Attorney General Opinions (KY)
Kentucky Bar Association
Searchable Kentucky Legislative Information
Kentucky Legislature Searching Service"
Kentucky Court of Justice
The Daily Record - Public Record Database. The Daily Record is the only daily public record newspaper in the Jefferson County and Greater Louisville Area. Data collected includes deed transfers, related mortgages, liens (state, federal mechanics), incorporations, commissioner sales, business bankruptcies, probate, family court, suits, judgements and other types of public records.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (CURRENT LINK)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
  • Pacer-Login Screen
  • New Case Filings
  • U.S.Courts-Federal Judiciary (Circuit Links)
  • Kentucky Bar Association-(Complaints about lawyers in KY).
  • Judicial Conduct Commission-(Complaints about judges in KY).

  • Office of the Law Revision Counsel prepares and publishes the United States Code, which is a consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States.

    Search USC at the Office of the Law Revision Counsel

    US House of Representatives: United States Code Classification Tables Office of the Law Revision Counsel

    Legal Search Engines

    Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN)

    Innocence Project at

    Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
    55 Fifth Ave.
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 790-0200

    Barry Scheck

    Kentucky Legislature Searching Service

    The KRS Page
    LRC Home Page
    The KAR Page
    Currency of Information

    UL Search Engine Search HTML Link two

    U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library U.S. Code (searchable).

    United States Senate


    Law GURU

    ED Law

    Internet Law Library

    Link Lexis-Nexis Lexis-Nexis Downloadable Software & Patches UofL Libraries-Minerva 2000 Sat Maps-Terraserver infotrac Infotrac today infotrac Blue Ribbon

    Internet Legal Resource Guide
    Legal Profession Hieros Gamos: The Comprehensive Law and Government Portal

    Law Services

    Lawyers Cooperative Publishing (LCP) is now part of West Group.

    Internet Lawyer

    West Publishing Co.


    Legal Information Institute

    U.S. Federal Judiciary

    The OYEZ PROJECT is a Supreme Court Site & Multimedia Database. An incredible site, a site containing recorded oral arguments from the US Supreme Court. This site has about 20 of the landmark cases decided by the court. I am listening to the first session of oral argument for the case Roe v. Wade. You must have RealAudio player installed in your browser preferences to listen to these recordings. An incredible legal education.
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    FindLaw Web Guide of legal information and web sites on the WWW. Including Legal Subject Index, Cases and Codes, Law Schools, Law Reviews, Legal Associations and Organizations and more.

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    Legislative Materials-Table #3

    United States Code- GPO Gate United States Code- Cornell Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Federal Rules of Evidence Federal Register- GPO Gate Code of Federal Regulations- GPO Gate Return to Top of Page

    Court Sites-(Judicial Sites)-Table #4

    Federal Court Locator
    United States Federal Courts' Home Page
    United States Supreme Court
    Western District of Kentucky
    Federal Court Opinions Index
    Supreme Court- Georgetown
    Supreme Court- Cornell
    United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit
    United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
    Federal Circuit
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    Maritime Documents-Table #5

    Admiralty Jurisdiction- 28 USC Sec. 1333
    Shipping-46 USC TITLE 46
    Navigation and Navigable Waters- 33 USC TITLE 33
    Coast Guard- 14 USC TITLE 14
    Carriage of Goods By Water Act (Canada)
    Hamburg Rules
    Hague-Visby Rules
    United Nations- Law of the Sea
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    Maritime Sites-Table #6

    Captain's Maritime,Merchant Marine,Ships and Nautical Links
    Chris Giaschi's Maritime Law Page (
    Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton
    IMO-(International Maritime Organization)
    Legal Information Institute (U.S. Admiralty Law Materials at Cornell)
    Maritime & Oceanic Law Center- University of Nantes
    Marine and Aviation Consultants (M.A.C.)
    Research Guide to International Law on the Internet Law of the Sea at University of Bologna-(Sea Links)
    The Resource for Maritime Law
    The Law Office: Maritime Law
    Tulane Law Library's Maritime Law Collection
    University of Cape Town- Marine & Shipping Law
    University of Oregon- Ocean and Coastal Law Center Home Page

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    Selected Law Sites

    Federal Case Law
    GPO ACCESS (Congressional Record, Federal Register, US Code, etc.)
    State Legislative and Judicial Law
    Laws of Other Countries

    Directories of Internet Legal Sources

    Cornell's Legal Information Institute

    WashLaw Web

    FindLaw Legal Directory

    LawCrawler: Key Word Searching of Web Legal Materials

    Federal Government Internet Sites

    THOMAS:Full Text of Congressional Legislation

    House of Representatives Web Page

    United States Senate Web Page

    The White House Web Page

    Code of Federal Regulations

    Fedstats: Statistical Information From Government Agencies

    Law School Internet-Related Sites

    Guide to Law Journals on the Internet

    FindLaw's Index to Law Journals on the Internet

    Law Schools on the WWW

    Law Student Web: See What Law Students At Other Universities Are Up To

    Miscellaneous Internet Resources

    New York Times, CNN, USA Today and Other News Sources

    National Law Journal's Law Employment Center

    U.S. Trail

    District Courts

    Arkansas Eastern and Western Districts
    Eastern District of California
    Central District of California
    U.S. Bankruptcy Court
    Eastern District of California
    Central District of California
    Northern District of California
    Southern District of California
    District of Columbia Florida
    Southern District of Florida
    Bankruptcy Court
    Bankruptcy Court, Southern District
    Bankruptcy Court
    Western District of Kentucky
    Bankruptcy Court
    Northern District of Mississippi
    Eastern District of Missouri
    Western District Bankruptcy Court
    New Mexico
    Bankruptcy Court
    District Court
    New York
    Eastern District of New York
    Southern District Bankruptcy Court
    North Dakota
    Bankruptcy Court
    Southern District of Texas
    Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District

    U.S. Trail

    Other Federal Courts

    United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
    United States Court of Federal Claims

    U.S. Trial

    Related Federal Agencies

    Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
    Federal Judicial Center
    U.S. Department of Justice
    U.S. Sentencing Commission

    U.S. Trail

    Judicial Information on the Internet

    Oral Argument Archive
    WANT Publishing Co.

    The Federal Court Locator is a service provided by the Center for Information Law and Policy. It is intended to give net citizens a means to access information related to the federal judiciary, including slip opinions. This information can be viewed on-line or it can be downloaded.

    Constitutional Law

    Primary Law

    United States Constitution
    Selected Historic U.S. Supreme Court Constitutional Law Decisions
    Selected Recent U.S. Supreme Court Constitutional Law Decisions

    Background Documents

    Declaration of Independence
    The Federalist Papers
    Articles of Confederation
    Jeffersonian Perspective
    Letters of Transmittal, Federal Constitution, Sept. 1787

    Government Sites

    United States Department of Justice
    United States Senate
    United States House of Representatives

    Related Organizations

    Center for Democracy & Technology
    The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center
    People for the American Way
    A Guide to Hate Groups on the Internet(HateWatch, Inc.)
    Second Amendment Foundation

    Journals, Articles, and Other Publications

    "The Constitution in Cyberspace," Laurence H. Tribe (keynote address at the First Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy)
    Michigan Journal of Race & Law

    Other Related Internet Sites

    Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
    Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action By Any Means Necessary
    Constitutional Law News - Law Journal Extra
    Freedom of Expression at the National Endowment for the Arts
    First Amendment Cyber-Tribune
    Freedom of Information Clearinghouse - a citizen's guide to making FOIA requests
    Freedom of Religion Resources (University of Arkansas)
    International Constitutional Law (Cornell)
    National Law Journal
    Religious Freedom Home Page

    Tarlton-Web Home Page / Tarlton Law Library Home page / Hook the 'Net

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    Law Journals and Law Periodicals

    A-B /C /D-E /F-G /H-I /J /K-L /M /N-O / P-R /S /T /U /V-Z

    A - B

    ABA Child Law Practice (ABA)
    ABA Journal (ABA)
    Juvenile and Child Welfare Law Reporter
    Across Borders (Gonzaga)
    Administrative & Regulatory Law News (ABA)
    The Affiliate (ABA) Air and Space Lawyer (ABA)
    Akron Law Review (University of Akron)
    Alabama Law Review (University of Alabama)
    Alaska Law Review (Duke University)
    The ARC Journal (Advocates for the Rights of Children, University of California at Davis)
    American Indian Law Review (University of Oklahoma)
    American Journal of Criminal Law (University of Texas)
    The American University Law Review (American University)
    Annual Survey of New Hampshire Law (Franklin Pierce Law Center)
    Antitrust Law Journal (ABA)
    Antitrust Magazine (ABA)
    Arson Reporter: Arson Legislation (ABA)
    Aviation & Space Law Reports
    Banking Law Reports
    Bankruptcy Developments Journal (Emory University)
    Barrister (ABA)
    Baylor Law Review (Baylor University)
    Berkeley Technology LawJournal (University of California, Berkeley)
    BIFOCAL (Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly, ABA)
    BLAST: The Bulletin of Law, Science and Technology (ABA)
    The Brief (ABA)
    British Journal of Criminology
    Brooklyn Journal Of International Law (Brooklyn Law School)
    Brooklyn Journal of Law and Policy (Brooklyn Law School)
    Brooklyn Law Review (Brooklyn Law School)
    Buffalo Environmental Law Journal (State University of New York at Buffalo)
    Buffalo LawReview (State University of New York at Buffalo)
    The Business Lawyer (University of Maryland, ABA)

    Table of Contents

    California Law Review (University of California, Berkeley)
    California Western Law Review (California Western)
    California Western International Law Review (CaliforniaWestern)
    Canada - United States Law Journal (Case Western Reserve University) Canadian Journal of Law and Society
    Capital University Law Review (Capital University, Columbus)
    Cardozo Arts &Entertainment Law Journal On-Line (Yeshiva University)
    Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin (Universita' Degli Studi Di Trento)
    The Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law (Yeshiva University)
    Case Western Reserve Law Review (Case Western Reserve University)
    Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law (Case Western Reserve University)
    Catalyst (ABA)
    Chicago-Kent Law Review (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    Child Support Prosecutors' Bulletin (ABA)
    China Law Reporter (ABA)
    CIRCLES - TheBuffalo Women's Journal of Law And Social Policy (State University of NewYork at Buffalo)
    Clearinghouse Review (National Clearinghouse for Legal Services)
    Client Update (ABA)
    Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy (University of Colorado, Boulder)
    Communications Lawyer (ABA)
    The Compleat Lawyer (ABA)
    Computer Law Review and Technology Journal (Southern Methodist University)
    The Construction Lawyer (ABA)
    Cornell Law Review(Cornell University)
    Criminal Justice (ABA)
    Criminal Justice Newsletter (ABA)

    Table of Contents

    D - E
    Denver Journal of International Law and Policy (Denver University)
    Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University Law Review (Detroit College of Law)
    Drake Law Review (Drake University)
    Drake Journal of Agriculture Law (Drake University)
    Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum (Duke University)
    Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law (Duke University)
    Duke Law Journal (Duke University)
    Duke Law Magazine (Duke University)
    The East European Constitutional Review (University of Chicago)
    Ecology Law Quarterly (University of California, Berkeley)
    E Law - Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (MurdochUniversity)
    Emory LawJournal (Emory University)
    Emory International Law Review (Emory University)
    Entertainment and Sports Lawyer (ABA)
    Environmental Law (ABA) Environmental Law (Lewis & Clark College)
    European Law Journal (European University Institute)
    Experience (ABA)

    Table of Contents

    F - G
    Family Advocate (ABA)
    Family Law Quarterly (ABA)
    Federal Communications Law Journal (Indiana University, Bloomington)
    Fidelity And Surety News (ABA)
    Florida Journal of International Law (University of Florida)
    Florida Law Review (University of Florida)
    Florida State University Law Review (Florida State University)
    Focus on Law Studies (ABA)
    Fordham International Law Journal (Fordham College)
    Forensic Psychiatry On-Line
    Franchise Law Journal (ABA)
    George Mason Law Review (George Mason University)
    George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal (George Mason University)
    Gonzaga Law Review (Gonzaga College)

    Table of Contents

    H - I

    Harvard Negotiation Law Review (Harvard Law School)
    Hastings Public Law Research Institute Reports (University of California, Hastings)
    The Health Lawyer (ABA)
    Health Matrix Journal of Law - Medicine (Case Western Reserve University)
    Human Rights (ABA)
    Humboldt Forum Recht(Humboldt University, Berlin)
    IOLTA Update (ABA)
    IPC Report (ABA)
    Indiana Federal Communications Law Journal (Indiana University)
    Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (Indiana University)
    Indiana Law Journal (Indiana University)
    Industrial Law Journal
    Intellectual Property Law Journal (University of Baltimore)
    Intellectual Property Publications (Franklin Pierce Law Center)
    Inter-American Legal Materials (ABA)
    International Journal of Drug Testing (University of South Florida)
    International Journal of Law and Information Technology (University of Strathclyde,Glasgow, Scotland)
    International Journal of Law and Information Technology
    International Journal of Refugee Law
    The International Journal of Cultural Property (DePaul University)
    International Journal of Law, Policy, and the Family
    The International Law News (ABA)
    IPL Newsletter (ABA)
    Israel Law Review (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

    Table of Contents


    The John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law (John Marshall Law School)
    The John Marshall Law Review (John Marshall Law School)
    Journal of African Law
    The Journal of Art and Entertainment Law (DePaul University)
    Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (University of Southern California)
    Journal of Environmental Law
    Journal of Forensic Economics (University of Missouri, Kansas City)
    Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
    Journal of Information, Law and Technology
    (University of Warwick and University ofStrathclyde)
    Journal of Intellectual Property Law(University of Georgia)
    Journal of International Law and Practice (Detroit College of Law)
    Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law(Florida State University)
    The Journal of Law and Commerce (University of Pittsburgh)
    The Journal of Law & Economics (University of Chicago)
    Journal of Law, Economics and Organizations
    Journal of Law and Public Policy(University of Florida)
    The Journal of Law and Religion (Hamline University)
    IDEA: The Journal of Law and Technology (Franklin Pierce Law Center)
    The Journal of Legal Studies (University of Chicago)]
    The Journal Of National Security Law(University of Mississippi)
    The Journal of Online Law (College of William and Mary)
    Journal of Science & Technology Law (Boston University)
    Journal of the Suffolk Academy of Law (Touro College)
    Journal of Technology Law and Policy (University of Florida)
    Journal of Transnational Law and Policy(Florida State University)
    Judges' Journal (ABA)
    Jurimetrics Journal of Law, Science and Technology (ABA)

    Table of Contents

    K - L

    Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy (University of Kansas)
    LRE Report (ABA) Labor and Employment Law (ABA)
    The Labor Lawyer (ABA)
    Land and Water Law Review (University of Wyoming)
    Language in the Judicial Process (University of Tennessee)
    The Lamplighter (ABA)
    Law and Contemporary Problems (Duke University)
    Law and Economics Working Papers (University of Chicago)
    Law and Policy in International Business (Georgetown)
    Law & Social Inquiry (American Bar Foundation)
    Law Practice Management (ABA)
    Law Practice Management Newsletters (ABA)
    The Law School Record (University of Chicago)
    Lawyer Advertising News (ABA)
    Lawyer Referral Network (ABA)
    Lawyering Skills Bulletin (ABA)
    Lawyers' Professional Liability Update (ABA)
    Lawyers' Title Guaranty Funds Newsletter (ABA)
    LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Online (University of Texas)
    Leadership & Management Directions (ABA)
    Litigation (ABA)
    Litigation News (ABA)
    Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review (Loyola Marymount University)

    Table of Contents


    Manitoba Law Journal (University of Manitoba)
    McGill Law Journal (McGill University)
    Medical Law Review
    Medical Law Reports
    Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter (ABA)
    Mercer Law Review (Mercer University)
    Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter (ABA)
    Michigan Journal of Gender & Law (University of Michigan)
    Michigan Journal of International Law(University of Michigan)
    Michigan Journal of Law Reform (University of Michigan)
    Michigan Journal of Race & Law (University of Michigan)
    Michigan Law & Policy Review (University of Michigan)
    Michigan Law Review (University of Michigan)
    Michigan Res Gestae (University of Michigan)
    The Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review (University of Michigan)
    Mississippi Law Journal (University of Mississippi)

    Table of Contents

    N - O
    NASDAQ Financial Executive Journal (Cornell University)
    The National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law (University of North Carolina)
    National Law Journal
    National Security Law Report (ABA)
    Natural Resources and Environment (ABA)
    New York International Law Review (St. John's University)
    New York Law Journal
    New York University Environmental Law Journal (New York University)
    New York University Journal of International Law & Politics (New York University)
    New York University Law Review (New York University)
    New York University Review of Law and Social Change (New York University)
    Occasional Papers (Yale University)
    Oklahoma Law Review (University of Oklahoma)
    On-Line Law Review (Southampton Institute of Law)
    The On-LineJournal of Ethics (DePaul University)
    Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

    Table of Contents

    Pace Interactive Earth Law Journal (Pace University)
    The Paper Chase (Mercer University)
    Perspectives (ABA)
    Perspectives on Law and The Public Interest (University of Richmond)
    Prepaid Legal Services Regulation Reporter (ABA)
    Probate & Property Magazine (ABA)
    The Professional Lawyer (ABA)
    Public Contract Law Journal (ABA)
    Public Contract Newsletter (ABA)
    The Public Law Research Institute Reports (University of California, Hastings)
    The Public Lawyer (ABA)
    Quinnipiac Health Law Journal (Quinnipiac College)
    The Quinnipiac Law Review (Quinnipiac College)
    The Quinnipiac Legal Times (Quinnipiac College)
    Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal (University of South Carolina)
    Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Journal (ABA)
    Reinsurance Law Reports
    Richmond Journal of Law & Technology (University of Richmond)
    RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (Franklin Pierce Law Center)
    Rules and Regulations in Russia: Russian Business Law Journal
    Rutgers Law Journal (Rutger's University)

    Table of Contents


    Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal (Santa Clara University)
    Santa Clara Law Review (Santa Clara University)
    St. John 's Journal of Legal Commentary (St. John's University)
    St. John's Law Review (St. John's University)
    Section of Taxation Newsletter (ABA)
    Senior Lawyer (ABA)
    The Sentencing Guidelines Case Law Guide (ABA)
    Solo (ABA)
    SONREEL News (ABA)
    South Carolina Law Review (University of South Carolina)
    Southern California Law Review (University of Southern California)
    Southampton Institute Law Review (Southampton Institute of Law)
    Specialization Update (ABA)
    Sports Lawyers Journal (Tulane University)
    StanfordJournal of International Law (Stanford University)
    Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance (Stanford University)
    Stanford Law & Policy Review (Stanford University)
    Stanford Technology Law Review (Stanford University)
    State & Local Law News (ABA)
    Statute Law Review
    Stetson Law Review (Stetson University)
    Student Lawyer (ABA)

    Table of Contents


    The Tax Lawyer (Georgetown University, ABA)
    TeleCommunication News Letter (California Western University)
    Temple Law Review (Temple University)
    Temple International and Comparative Law Journal (Temple University)
    Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review (Temple University)
    Texas International Law Journal (University of Texas)
    Texas Journal of Women and the Law (University of Texas)
    Texas Law Review(University of Texas)
    Texas Review of Law & Politics(University of Texas)
    Tort And Insurance Law Journal (ABA)
    Touro Environmental Law Journal (Touro College)
    Touro International Law Review (Touro College)
    Touro Law Review (Touro College)
    Tulane Environmental Law Journal (Tulane University)
    Tulane European & Civil Law Forum (Tulane University)
    Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law (Tulane University)
    Tulane Law Review (Tulane University)
    Tulane Maritime Law Journal (Tulane University)

    Table of Contents

    UC Davis Law Review (University of California, Davis)
    UCLA Bulletin of Law and Technology (UCLA)
    UCLA Chicano-Latino Law Review (University of California, Los Angeles)
    UCLA Law Review (University of California, Los Angeles)
    UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (University ofCalifornia, Los Angeles)
    University of Chicago Journal of Legal Studies
    The University of Chicago Law School Record (University of Chicago)
    University of Chicago Law and Economics
    University of Chicago Law School Review (University of Chicago)
    University of Chicago Law School Roundtable (University of Chicago)
    University of Chicago Legal Forum (University of Chicago)
    The University of Kansas Law Review (University of Kansas)
    University of Toledo Law Review
    University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review (University of Toronto)
    The Urban Lawyer (ABA)
    Utah Law Review (University of Utah)
    Utility Section Newsletter (ABA)

    Table of Contents

    Villanova Environmental Law Journal (Villanova University)
    Villanova Information Law Chronicle (Villanova University)
    Villanova Law Review (Villanova University)
    Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal (Villanova University)
    Virginia Journal of Law and Technology (University of Virginia)
    Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law (University of Virginia)
    Washburn Law Journal (Washburn University)
    Washington Law Review(University of Washington)
    Washington & Lee Law Review(Washington and Lee University)
    Web Journal of Current Legal Issues (University of Newcastle)
    West Virginia Journal of Law and Technology (West Virginia University)
    Willamette Law Review (Willamette University)
    Yale Journal of Law and Feminism (Yale University)
    Yale Law Journal (Yale University)

    Tarlton-Web Home Page / Tarlton LawLibrary Home page / UT-Austin Home Page

    State Citizen Service Center Research HQ

    State, Local & Other Bar Associations-Table #8

    Alabama Bar Association
    Montgomery Bar Association (AL)
    American Bar Association
    Arkansas Bar Association
    The State Bar of California
    Alameda County Bar Association (CA)
    Palo Alto Area Bar Association(CA)
    San Bernardino County Bar Association (CA)
    San Diego county Bar Association (CA)
    San Fernando Valley Bar Association (CA)
    Canadian Bar Association
    Colorado Bar Association
    Boulder County Bar Association (CO)
    Connecticut Bar Association
    The Bar Association of the District of Columbia
    District of Columbia Bar
    Federal Bar Association
    The Florida Bar
    State Bar of Georgia
    Hawaii State Bar Association
    Illinois State Bar Association
    Indiana State Bar
    Kansas Bar Association
    Kentucky Bar Association
    Fayette County Bar Association
    Fayette County Bar Association Pro Bono Program
    Maine State Bar Association
    Maryland State Bar Association, Inc.
    Boston Bar Association (MA)
    State Bar of Michigan
    State Bar of Michigan-Probate and Estate Planning Section
    Oakland County Bar Association (MI)
    The Mississippi Bar
    The Missouri Bar
    The State Bar of Montana
    Nebraska State Bar Association
    New Hampshire Bar Association
    New Jersey State Bar Association
    New Jersey State Bar Foundation
    New York State Bar Association
    The Association of the Bar of the City of New York
    Dutchess County Bar Association (NY)
    Bar Association of Erie County (NY)
    Queens County Bar Association (NY)
    Suffolk County Bar Association
    New York State Defenders Association
    N.Y. Ct. Appeals
    NY Trial Lawyers Assoc
    North Carolina Bar Association
    Ohio State Bar Association
    Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association
    Pennsylvania Bar Association
    Pennsylvania Bar Institute
    Delaware County Bar Association (PA)
    Lancaster Bar Association (PA)
    Philadelphia Bar Association (PA)
    Rhode Island Bar Association
    South Carolina Bar
    State Bar of South Dakota
    Tennessee Bar Association
    The Chattanooga Bar Association (TN)
    Nashville Bar Association (TN)
    Utah State Bar
    Vermont Bar Association
    Virginia State Bar
    Washington State Bar Association
    King County Bar Association (WA)
    West Virginia State Bar
    State Bar of Wisconsin

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