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The Rights of Deaf Individuals in Education According to Federal and Case Law

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http://law.house.gov/usc.htm: This connects you to the U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library U.S. Code (searchable). The U.S. Code contains texts of current public laws passed by congress.

http://www.public.iastate.edu/~sbilling/ada.html: This web site has information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related links.

http://lawlinks.com/ar-areas.html : This web site has information on disabilities law, explanations of specific laws and links to other relevant sites.

http://www.lawguru.com/ada.html: This web site contains FAQs about ADA.

http://www.eclipse.net/~synergy/ada.documents.menu.html: This web site contains ADA legal document abstracts, and details regarding the specific legal obligations regarding access to public venues.

http://www.captions. com/deafrigh.html: This web site offers a brief description of the rights of deaf individuals under the ADA.

http://david@ferleger.com: This web site contains a variety of links related to disability law.

http://www.putwest.boces.org/st/StandardsSED.html: This site contains links to State Education Departments.

http://www.edlaw.net: This site provides information on COPAA (Council of Parent Attorney Advocates), and the published June 1997 proposed revisions to regulations implementing IDEA by the US Department of Education.

http://www.deafworldweb.org: This is a multipurpose web-site which provides information on subjects from resources to references around the world.

http://www.educ. kent.edu/deafed/teac.htm: This site provides information about CEC in all of the states.

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