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Alpha Legal Directory
www.askjeeves.comAn excellent beginner's site that's good for anyone's general queries, Ask Jeeves leads you through questions to help narrow your sear and also simultaneously searches other search sites for relevant Web .r)aaes. Its ability to interpret natura language queries makes it easy to learn but also makes constructing precise queries difficult.
Beaucoup - links to over 1000 search engines, directories and indices.
The Argus Clearinghouse provides a central access point for value-added topical guides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources.
Dictionary of Computing-Princeton.
www.dogpile.comThis metasearch site, can go through 13 Web search engines, more than two dozen on-line news services or other types Of Sources, and sorts the results by the search engine that found them, While this is not the most useful presentation if You just want the facts, its a good way to check way to check which search engine works best for you. Another excellent tool for exhaustive and precise searches, Alta Vista makes it harder than Hotbot does for beginners to construct precise queries, but once You've mastered its search syntax, it's quick and easy to use. Its results, however, can include many duplicates.
EINET Galaxy Global open search. New search engine.
Eurorscg4d Euro RSCG 4D: Email Marketing Offers a global marketing and advertising agency network that combines creative, strategy, and technology to drive brand experience and sales results.
The Expert Pages. Welcome to the Expert Pages, the Original and Leading Internet Directory of Experts, Expert Witnesses, Consultants and Service Providers to Lawyers, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Businesses and Government Agencies.
FindLaw. FindLaw is an online community for those interested in law, containing resources for both lawyers and nonlawyers.
Galaxy is different because we cull down the Internet to the most relevant sites. How do we do this? We employ the best technology in conjunction with human intelligence.
Global Network Academy Meta-Library
Go Network Search
Pay Per Click Search Engine - GoClick.comOur network receives over 350 Million targeted searches per month. No startup fee, No monthly minimums, low 1 cent CPC. $10 New User Trial. Cancel any time for any reason.
Hotbot: SuperSearch Page for more detailed capabilities.
Ideal Search Get On IdealSearch Now For Pennies Per Click We are driving thousands to this search engine a day and your site can be on it for only $10...
Information Outpost
The Internet Sleuth
International Data Base (IDB) The International Data Base (IDB) is a computerized source of demographic and socio-economic statistics for all countries of the world.
Law Crawler-Legal Search Information
LittleredBear.comNew cool search engine very easy to use
Lycos' Road Map can be used every day to get directions, prepare a map of your city for your home page, or even locate someone by their domain name or email address!
Kentucky Virtual Library MetasearchUncover more of the web by searching many engines all at once!
Map Quest. Includes: Interactive Atlas (Maps), TripQuest (Driving directions), and TravelPlan USA (Plan a trip with Mobil Travel Guide) and much more.
Merriam-Webster OnLine. Welcome to Merriam-Webster Online -- the place on the Internet to find authoritative information about the English language. Look up a definition, pronunciation, etymology, spelling, or usage point in the WWWebster Dictionary.
National Geographic world Atlas.
www.nisearch.comIn addition to its index of Web pages, Northern Light also searches through pay-per-view articles from periodicals and books hot generall available on the Web. It sorts its results into topic headings, which can prove very useful.
Northern Light. A unique approach to searching for information. This service also include "special collections" of information. Refer to the Help Page for instructions and support.
OneLook Dictionaries. 846503 words in 199 dictionaries now indexed.
OpenText Index
The Perry-Castaqeda Library Map Collection. The Perry-Castaqeda Library Map Collection (PCL 1.306) holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world.
Reference.Com and Reference.Com
Registereverywhere.comAll Major Search Engines Get listed on top search engines fast. Use our tools & improve rank!
Roget's Thesaurus. This is a new hypertext edition of Roget's Thesaurus, based on the text of the 1911 edition from Project Gutenberg.
ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form. Search the headwords or full text of Roget's Thesaurus version 1.02 (supplemented: July 1991) released to the public domain.
Say -(Text to Speech Translator)
search-bid.comPromote your website at Search-bid! Promote your website starting from one cent per click! Free $5 bonus. Signup your FREE account today! live human search
U.S. Census Bureau--U.S. Gazetteer. This gazetteer is used to identify places to view with the Tiger Map Server and the 1990 Census Lookup.
The Virtural Tourist. This is the Virtual Tourist, a geographic directory of WWW servers in the world.
Washington State's, State Auditor's Office U.S. Link listing of online State Auditor's Offices.
Web Crawler's City.Net, the Web's most extensive library of local and regional information. Search Engine Domination Who else wants to Dominate the Search Engines? Just Released Award-Winning WebPosition 3 Platinum. Free Trail Download!.
Webtaxi, and its Meta-Engine
Webtaxi: SuperSearch
WIRED Archive
World Access Internet Navigator
Yahoo - New Search Eng. The Web's Newest Search Engine 100 Relevant Results Every Time
Zoom combines searching for people, businesses, relationships, and information.

Legal Resources

COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL - A. B. Chandler III Attorney General. Features: Attorney General Opinions, Consumer Quick Tips, Open Records/Open Meetings, Legal Writing and Citation, and Child Support Most Wanted.
Web Law FAQ. Here are some frequently asked questions relating to the World Wide Web.
Legal Reference. Includes many topics.
Georgetown University Legal Explorer. The primary goal of the Web sites is to support the teaching and research of the Law Center community.
The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of justice.
The Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School. This server offers the LII's hypertext front-end to recent Supreme Court decisions (which are distributed on the day of decision under project Hermes) and its growing collection of historic decisions. Hypertext version of the full U.S. Code and many other important legal documents.
Law Journal Extra!. News, Practices, Resources, and much more.
Georgetown University Legal Explorer. Well worth exploring.
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Opinions of the U. S. Court of Appeals , 6th District (KY, MI, OH, TN). Jan., 1995 to present. Emory School of Law.
USSC+OnLine. United States Supreme Court current database scope: Leading cases 1793 - 1966 * Comprehensive coverage 1966 - 1996. United States Supreme Court cases from 1967 to 1995. Search by citation or word.
LawInfo, an online source for locating Attorneys and Legal Resources. LawInfo Mission: To provide the public free access to quality legal representation, services and information. Includes a Searchable Database.
Kentucky Bar Association. Information on the Association, its departments and related organizations, and how to contact us. Includes: Calendar of Events page for upcoming activities and other notes of interest; how to handle an ethical dilemma; personal dilemma.
Also, the American Law Source On-line. The purpose of ALSO! is to provide a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to all on-line sources of American law that are available without charge.

Medical Resources

Medical/Biological Resources. Includes: Starting Points, Resource Lists, Reference Databases, Telemedicine, Companies, Conferences, Publishers, Med/Bio Graphics. Selected Internet Resources in Health Law and Policy - Saint Louis University School of Law Center for Health Law Studies.
The New England Journal of Medicine On-line. A weekly journal reporting the results of important medical research worldwide.
JAMA. The Journal of the American Medical Association.
The MedAccess Web Site. Within this site you will find thousands of pages, and millions of records of informative and entertaining material on the United States Healthcare System. In addition to surveys, quizzes and newsletters, workbooks, and manuals, you will find extensive listings of physicians, hospitals, PPOs, HMOs and nursing homes.
Associated Press

Fox News
The Los Angeles Times
The Washington Post
NPRNational Public Radio News
The New York Times
USA Today
The Wall Steet Jounal
U.S.News Online
CNN Interactive
The Nando Times
San Jose Mercury
The Time World Wide Web Page
Newslinks - American Journalism Review
Cincinnati Post
Lexington Herald-Leader
Kentucky Daily Newspapers

Appalachian News Express

Online News Services by Geography or via an extensive index.

Locate U. S. Newspaper Archives by State
Info Space Inc. This service provides extensive one-stop shopping for looking up People, Email addresses, Business on the Web, Yellow pages, highlights of Your Town, Blue Pages for City - State - and Federal government, FAX numbers, and Toll-free numbers.

Welcome to the THE ULTIMATES! A new type of index twenty-five net services at your fingertips. White Pages, Yellow Pages ,Email Directory, and Trip Planner.
Internet Address Finder. Welcome to the Internet Address Finder (IAF), the Internet's fastest and most convenient white pages service.
Finding an e-mail address. This is an exhaustive resource dealing with how-to find someone on the Internet.
WhoWhere. ... the leading Internet directory of email addresses, individual and company URLs, phone numbers, and street addresses from around the world. WhoWhere also offers an Advanced Search page.

Yellow Pages - Search for Business Addresses: BigBook, A whole new kind of Yellow Pages. This is a very impressive site. You can not only locate the Yellow Pages types of information about a business, you can view a street map which indicates the location of that business.

  • The Big Yellow Pages. You will find over 16 million businesses here! Also provides People Searches, E-mail addresses, and Global Yellow Page Searches.

  • Four11. Business Focus: Four11's goal is to provide the most reliable centralized way for people to use the Internet to find and communicate with each other.

  • American Directory Assistance. Welcome to Lookup USA... the FREE service from American Business Information, Inc.! Includes a reverse phone number lookup feature!

    White Pages - Search for Personal Phone Numbers and Addresses:

    What's New Lists

    Point Com. Point Web Reviews give you friendly descriptions and ratings of the Top 5% of all World Wide Web sites. Point Now gives you daily listings of the key news and fun events happening on the Web.

    Web Starting Points. This is Mkgray's List of Cool Stuff on the Web.

    Software Archives and Internet Service Providers

    Software Libraries:
    Internet Service Providers - Connecting you to the Internet



    Answering Reference Questions Using the Internet
    ApolloSearch a variety of products and services listed by advertisers.
    Innovative, customized search forms designed specifically to locate
    clip-art, icons, backgrounds, bullets, lines, buttons and sounds.

    Best Information on the Net


    BigfootAn e-mail address finder.

    Clip Art Search Engines
    Dejanews Find Usenet Groups that's related to your topic.
    Engineering E-journal Search Engine
    FTP SearchSearch for sites for doing File Transfer Protocol MEDLINE National Library of Medicins's (NLM) premier bibliographic database covering the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences.
    Magellan Magellan is an online guide to the Internet that includes original editorialcontent, a directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, a vast database of yet-to-be-reviewed sites, and a powerful search engine.
    Planet Earth Home Page WWW Virtual Library which includes a floorplan of different categories.
    Point Search top rated WEB sites that have been reviewed by point. Search archived newsgroups, mailing-list searching, and the ability to search frequently run queries. Top rated WEB sites that have been reviewed by point.
    Savvy Search SavvySearch is a meta-search tool, designed to simultaneously send your query to multiple Internet search engines and return the complete set of results.
    The Spider's Apprentice
    Info HighwayUse a keyword to search for related WEB addresses. Search for related URL's by domain name
    SwitchboardSearch for telephone numbers and mailing addresses.
    The Open Text IndexSearch for WEB contetnt, newsgroups, e-mail for content. Search for gopher text
    Virtual Shareware LibrarySearch for shareware and software on the internet.
    W3 Search Engines Access different search engines by category. Search for software, people, and FAQs
    Welcome to the Electric LibrarySearch various resources including magazines (full text),newspapers, maps, pictures, and books. Updated daily via satellite. REQUIRES MEMBERSHIP!
    USACE Library Program Home Page

    USACE Homepage
    Some interesting information sources are available only through specialized software. If you are willing to install software on your computer to access them, check our page tools for information access.

    Links that appeared to be broken are in a separate page. Please let me know if one of those is still available! NB: If you find this page especially useful, why not install a local copy on your machine? It will work from anywhere. [The original source of this page is at CUI] You may also be interested in trying out Martijn Koster's CUSI (Configurable Unified Search Interface), or visiting Search Engine Watch site which provides detailed information on how search engines work, along with tips on getting better results.

    Information Servers

    Submitawebsite -900 free engines and links
    Aeiwi - user friendly search engine
    AgriBOT - Canada's Online Agricultural Directory
    L'Annuaire francophone - annuaire thematique francophone
    Aliweb at Nexor
    Breizhat - le guide l'Internet breton
    CanadaOne - Canadian Online Business Ressources
    The Canadian, Eh? -Showcasing Canada's Best Family Safe Web Sites
    Canadopedia - La Toile du Canada
    Caribseek - Caribbean search directory
    Click And Search
    EC rider - Categorized and reviewed sites in the Netherlands
    Cycle Search - Search engine for Motorcycle Web Sites
    Embassy World - Embassy and Consulate Search Engine
    Egypt Search - Egypt-related web sites directory
    Fat Head Search
    Find-it! - Paul Sarena's info collection
    United Kingdom and
    Italy - Internet Guide to Greece - Golf Site
    Greek Indexer
    Hellenic Resources Network
    Hot Lava
    InfoBase International
    Insectclopedia - lists sites related to insects
    Lifestyle.UK - Categorised (10'000+)links, geographically sorted under 87 different headings
    LII - Librarians' Index to the Internet
    Max - Search in South African Web
    NetBuster - Search in South African Web
    OmniTree - Categorised (~60 000) links about Computers
    OzSearch Internet Guide - An all-Australian web directory - The Greek Portal
    Phantis - Greek Portal
    Point Of Origin - family safe links, fast results with true content web sites
    Presseweb - catalogue du Webdo des sites de journaux
    Rambler - in Russian
    Robby - The Hellenic Search Engine
    Russia on the net
    search@YourLeisure - The Hellenic Search Engine
    SearchLite - parent/child friendly directory
    SeekAmerica - north and south America
    Sharelook Deutschland - Die schnelle Netzsuche (auf Deutsch)
    Sharelook France - (en francais)
    Sharelook Italia - (in italiano)
    Study Web - reviews and categorizes over 20.000 focused academic sites
    TioSam - brasilian portal (in portuguese)
    La Toile du Quebec - in German
    World Wide News - a big worldwide directory of online newspapers
    Z-Search - Search engine for WebTV


    All The Web
    Ananzi - Largest portal in Africa
    Australian WebSearch - Your Canadian Internet Search Engine
    CEEm@il Search - General Search Engine
    Fireball - search engine in German
    It News and Search Engines
    Maple Square - Canadian search engine
    NewZealand WebSearch - search engine for the Space community
    Splat Search
    SwissGuide - lists 60'000 Swiss sites
    Witch, die phonetische Suchhexe
    Zebra - Another South African search engine

    Natural language queries

    Other Catalogs

    Karnak - find and accumulate a personal library of knowledge
    Les pages web - Plus de 4.000.000 pages en langue francaise
    Orb Search (was Planet Search)
    Tsunami surfing page

    Other Meta-Search Engines

    Lottery Directory - Lottery Directory offers searchable links for lotto players to regional results...


    FTP search
    Infoware- allows you to locate a specific business or organizational software package
    Nexor's Mac Software Catalog


    Aquent Talent Finder - The Search Engine for Independent Professionals (IPs): Freelancers, Free Agents, Contractors, Consultants, Self-Employed
    FOUR11 Directory Services
    Perso-Search- L'outil de recherche exclusivement reserve aux Pages personnelles - search engine for British Columbia business and personal internet ressources
    Who? Me? - search through a database of notes to see if any of them are meant for you



    Cornell University's Technical Report Library

    News/FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Conference Announcement Archive - (moderated by Juergen Wagner) - archive of Usenet newsgroups
    NewsGuy News Service


    Alex - Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts (previously Gopher Catalog of Electronic Texts) - XML Context-based Search Processor
    Internet Draft Index at Nexor
    Nexor's Public Services
    RFC index at Nexor -The Webmaster's Reference Library

    Business, online catalogs and shopping sites

    ecoustics - Easily find the latest news, articles, and reviews on thousands of consumer electronics, and hi-fi audio/video
    sleepyshopper -Over 5800 different online shops web sites

    Domain names

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