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Certified SCUBA Diver


Mermet Springs in Mermet, IL.

Dive Shops in Louisville, Kentucky

Airheads SCUBA, INC. POB 700 3259 Coral Ridge Rd Brooks, Ky 40109. Directions from Louisville. Take I-65 south to Exit 121 (Brooks Rd). Turn right at top of the ramp. Go 1/2 mile to R/R crossing (4 way stop) Turn left and we are in the Marathon Station building. (We are 10 minutes from Louisville International.) Tel. 502-296-1088

Kentucky Dive Headquarters on Shelbyville Road.
Louisville Dive Center off of Preston Hiway
Paradisediver on Highway 22, 1/2 mile east of Gene Snyder Expressway

Dive Shops in New Albany, IND

Sea Weed Diver

Divers Alert Network

Kentuckiana Underwater Explorers Society

If you are interested in getting involved in Underwater Archaeology and advanced training, check out UHEXSO, Undersea Heritage & Exploration Society.

UHEXSO-new site, Undersea Heritage & Exploration Society.

National Parks Service

Universal Referral

Body Glove
Ikelite-Underwater Systems
Dive Shop
Dive Optx
Miracle Beam
Oceanic Equipment
Discount Divers Supply
ACUC International
British Sub-Aqua Club-BSAC
Confederation Mondiale Des Activites Subaquatiques (Underwater Federation)
Cen Cal Council of Scuba and Skin Diving Clubs
Commercial Diver Site
Divers Alert Network
Divers Alert Network - Research Department
Diving Equipment & Marketing Association
Northeast Working Equipment Group - HDS
Dive Safe
International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
International Diving Educators Association
Marine Navigation, Inc.
National Association of Black Scuba Divers
National Association for Cave Diving
Nat'l Association of Commercial Divers
NAPDS-National Association of Public Safety Divers
NASDS-National Association of Scuba Diving Schools
NASE-National Academy of Scuba Educators
NAUI Online
NAUI Services-Canada
OFDA-Old Farts Diving Association
The Official NED FAQ Site
Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Divers
PDIC-Professional Diving Instructors Corporation
Sub Aqua Association-UK
Scuba Schools International
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
Y-kiki Divers
UK diving Wreck database
Northern Maritime Research-(Northern Shipwrecks Database on CD)
Captain Ed

Underwater Societies/Groups

Historical Diving Society - UK
Historical Diving Society - USA
UHEXSO-dive gear and related issues">Virtual Naval Hospital is a digital library of naval medicine and military medicine and humanitarian medicine.

Underwater Intervention
Association of Diving Contractors
Alden Electronics
Alstom-Schilling Robotics
Applied Technology Institute-Underwater Modeling
AquaBeam-Underwater Lighting Systems
AquaTech-Data Acquisition Systems
AquaTech Dive Center
Amron International-Drysuits
Benthos-Acoustics, Floatation, Hydrophones
Burton Electrical Engineering
Caldwell Cabel Ventures
Canyon Offshore
Chelsea Environmental Services
Coastal Leasing Inc.
Cochrane Technologies
C.O.D.A. Technologies
Cortland Cable Co.
CWA Products-Seismic Cable Protection
DataSonics, Inc.-Acoustics Systems
Diving Equipment Co. of America (D.E.C.A.)
DeepOcean Engineering
Deepsea-Power, Light, Cameras
DesertStar-Aquamap-Percision Diver/Rov Survey System
Divers Supply, Inc.
Dynacon Inc.-Winches & Handling Systems
Falmat, Inc.-Cable Outer Space to Undersea
Fischer Connectors
Global Industries-Divers & Contractors
J.W. Fishers-Underwater Cameras & Magnetomoters Cameras, magnetometers, sonars, etc.
Falmouth Scientific, Inc.-senors
Floatation Technologies
Focal Technologies-Fiber Optic
GP:50-Petroleum Pressure & Differential
Hugrun-Oceanographic Instruments
JDR Cable Systems
Krautkramer-Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness & Flooded Member Detection
MacArtney Group-Subconn Micro Underwater Connectors
Marine Project Development
* Marine Sonic * Sea Scan-PC SSS
Mar~Vel Underwater Equipment
Material Systems Inc.-Acoustic Transducers & Hydrophones
Mitsubishi Electronics
Moterey Peninsula College
Neptune Sciences
Ocean Design Inc.-ROV Materials
Ocean News
Oceanic Imaging Consultants-GeoDAS
Oceanology International 99: 27-29 April 1999
Ocean Technology Systems
OmniTech-Electronic & Sensor Systems Eng.
Outland Technology
Pelagos Corp.-Integrated Navigation & Data Management System Software
Perry Tritech-(Subsea, Robotic, Engineering
Piezo Composite Transducers Ltd.
Progressive Products-Marine Coatings
Racal Survey-ROV's, Software, Cable, & Training
R.J.E. International
Sartek Industries-Lighting & Valves
SeaCatch Toggle Release Technology
Seaflex Ltd.-Air Bags
Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd.(S.M.D.)-ROV's
South Bay Cable
Strategic Research Insutitute
Stidd-Wet Submersible Boat
Stolt Comex Seaway-Subsea Services
St. Mary's Submarine Museum
Sygnus Technology, Inc.-Sub-bottom Diver's Sonar
Sub-Atlantic-ROV's & Electronics
TriTech International
TriTech-ROV Products
Ultra Electronics
UnderSea Explorations '99: 8-10 June 1999
Unique Group-Middle East Rental & Sales

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