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Picture courtesy of ULGIS Center
BELKNAP CAMPUS: Campus Maps & Photos


Central Trading Systems
American agent for Russian imagery

Digital Globe
QuickBird imagery

EROS Data Center: U.S. government satellite imagery

GeoEYE (SpaceImage and ObrImage have merged)

GEOEYE is the largest commercial remote sensing company in the world

SPOT Image

Great Satellite Imagery Related Websites

Doc Savage's Archaeology Downloads
This is a good site for anyone interested in the uses of saellite imagery in archaeology, especially in the Middle East.

Federation of American Scientists
This is an organization that closely monitors weapons proliferation and uses satellite imagery to track military deveopments.

Gateway to Astronaut Photography of the Earth All of the photographs of earth taken by U.S. astronauts since 1961.

U.S. Gazetteer
Need a latitude and longitude for someplace in the United States? This Census Bureau website will give you the location just by punching in your zip code.

GEO Community
This is a great website that looks at all aspects of satellite imagery and its applications.

Global Security
John Pike, who is a recognized expert on satellite imagery and national security issues, has helped to put this site together. Another must for people interested in satellite imagery and national security.

GOES Project Science
The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite provides the cloud images we see on the weather. Although the resolution is low, the coverage is vast and it does give broad views of areas.

Hobby Space
If you want to learn more about how to predict when satellites will be overhead, this is a good place to start.

NASA Image Exchange
A database of NASA imagery from the manned missions. The resolution is not the best, but the coverage is great and the price is right.

National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Satellite imagery of the while world is available from this site. The data from the scenes can take a lot of time to download.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
A good source for overhead imagery that looks at natural resources.

Oddens' Bookmarks.
This is supposed to be a good place to start in your search for maps or imagery. Thousands of links to map and overhead imagery websites.

Kentucky Geological Survey, at University of Kentucky

Remote Sensing Tutorial
If the technical part of this book excited you and you want to learn more about the science of remote sensing, consider buying Satellite Surveillance.
Shuttle Radar Tography Mission
The most precise images of the world ever produced. The goal of this mission was to accurately map 80% of the earth's landmass with incredible detail. This is the critical elevation data necessary for three dimensional images using satellite imagery and "fly throughs."

USGS version of Shuttle Radar Tography Mission
The same data as on the link above should be available from this site.

Brenton White
Consultant on 3-D imagery, maps, and digital elevations model. He can answer many of the questions you have inexpensively.

More helpful RS/GIS resources *Terra Image USA SPOT Satellite Imagery Offer* Terra Image USA is a company dedicated to making commercial satellite imagery broadly accessible. We have focused our efforts on SPOT, becoming the exclusive distributor to the US civilian government market, because of SPOT's unique ability to economically, quickly and reliably cover large areas at a useful resolution. SPOT's 2.5 m imagery is the least cost substitute for aerial photography, either where higher resolution isn't available or required at all, or where it's only available or required in limited areas of interest.

*State Archive Offer*

*County Archive Offer*

*New Acquisition Offer We're offering any State in the lower 48 complete 2004/2005 2.5 m panchromatic coverage, delivered as a seamless mosaic, for only 99 cents a square mile. Licensing is to a single State agency, with extended licensing available. Any State ordering the mosaic this year is entitled to lock in this promotional price by electing 3 complete updates for the same low price per update. The updates can even be IR color fused for an extra 75 cents a square mile.

We're offering any County in the lower 48 States not exceeding 3,000 square miles complete 2004/2005 2.5 m panchromatic coverage for only $999. Counties over 3,000 square miles may benefit from same per square mile pricing offered to States under the State Archive Offer. Any County ordering the mosaic this year is entitled to lock in this promotional price by electing 3 complete updates for the same low price per update. The updates can even be natural color fused for an extra 75 cents a square mile.

We're offering any civilian government user special per square kilometer pricing on any new collect 2.5 m, 5 m or 10 m imagery of the lower 48 and licensing the imagery so it can not only be fully utilized by the user but also shared with any other civilian government user. Under this offer, 2.5m pan is available for as low as $1.47/square kilometer.

*Contact* To download samples of our SPOT imagery and learn more about us and our special offers, please visit us at To speak with a customer service representative, please call us toll free at 877.320.0344

Satellite imagery sources - this is for archival imagery (in stock). More expensive if you task the satellite for future data collection. Figures are in square kilometers (

*OrbView-3 (OrbImage, now GeoEye): $10-$48/

*IKONOS (Space Imaging, now GeoEye): down from $200/ (PRECISION-military grade 1m-multispectral) to $29/ (PRO) to $25 (REFERENCE) to $14/ (STANDARD ortho)

*QuickBird (DigitalGlobe): Down from $768/quarterquad (DOQQ, multispectral-2 foot; must purchase 4 QQ) to $40/ (0.6 m ground res.ORTHO- minimum 100; plus $3000 ground control work on the ground; ) to $18/ (STANDARD- minimum 25 to $4,900/scene (>= 272 (RAW not terrain, atmospheric or radiometrically corrected).

Local aerial photogrammetry firms:

*PhotoScience ( call (859) 223-3999

Kentucky Division of Geographic Information, or DGI:

Kentucky Watershed Modeling Information Portal: in LEX, Ky

Information Britain
ESRI-ARC DATA-Free downloads
West Virginia GIS, WV University
WVA Dept. of Natural Resources
Clearing House Search-GIS DATA
USA Data from ESRI
ESRI Data Search Engine
ESRI ArcData Guide-Advanced Searches

Dept. of Geography/Geosciences
GPS Overview
Imaging Radar--NASA
Wildernes Adventure Club
National Atlas on SchoolNet Kentucky Atlas
National Geographic
Maps of everywhere!!!
Sat Maps-Terraserver

Kentucky Dept of Education

KY State:Information Technology Resources
National Geographic
Geographic Education
NGS Standards
Classroom Ideas
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
Federal Geographic Data Committee
GIS in Education
National Council for Geographic Education
Geographic Education and Technology
Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education
Association of American Geographers
Geography from Space
Canadian Council for Geographic Education
NASA-Data Sources on the Internet
Space Image
USGS-Geo-Data Explorer

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