Bluegrass Alumni Club

Greetings ERAU Alumni, Students, staff, professors, and other interested persons,

This webpage is to introduce you to the Bluegrass Alumni Club (BAC) located in Louisville, Kentucky near the new "Extended Campus" named the "Louisville Center."

The BAC is an organization ("interest group") in Kentucky and our membership is open to Alumni of ERAU, (both undergraduate and graduate); "Young Alumni" meaning seniors with the Extended Campus or Distance Learning students; students in general; and staff and faculty of ERAU too. BAC's purposes will be detailed in greater detail on our webpage and at upcoming meetings. Because this organization continues to be formed, your enthusiastic input and involvement is sought to set the course and direction of the club. Basically, we are only at the initial stages of setting up the formal "interest group" ("affinity group") and will need to have at least five graduates to be enumerated on the petition for an alumni chapter/club/affilliate. At this time, this is a completely separate organization from ERAU and has not been chartered or formally recognized by ERAU, the Alumni Relations Office, or any of its departments. Therefore, the club will be acting in accordance with Kentucky Revised Statutes and non-discrimination laws, Fairness Ordinance, etc. The purpose of the "interest group" is to gain that formal recognition, pursuant to and in accordance with the 2004-2005 ERAU Alumni Chapter Manual The formal recognition can take as long as one year, however, they are revising policies regarding the establishment of new chapters until a new president of the university decides on how he/she wants to proceed with the establishment of new chapters, clubs, or affinity groups. (See a link to each chapter of that manual, below).

Some of our intended goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Networking for career opportunities;
  • Professional Development;
  • Promoting entrepreneurial aviation/aerospace/astronautic growth in Kentucky and Indiana;
  • Fellowship of Aviation/aerospace/astronautic community in the Kentucky and Indian region;
  • Assisting "Louisville Center" should they desire or request us;
  • Guest speakers
  • Tours of local aviation/aerospace/astronautic industries
  • And involving you, with BAC.
  • (???day) Next Meeting: Spring 2008

    - (?-?)(? p.m. to ? p.m.) Our 10th "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT JUST ACROSS FERN VALLEY ROAD FROM HIGH RISE DRIVE. Followed by a meeting from: (?-?)(? p.m. to ? p.m.). We are near to setting up our December meeting and waiting to hear from our members to know what schedule is best for the winter semester. Prospective members should know that we do not charge membership dues, so there should be no financial reason to wait for you to join. We respect that current students or new alumni have little money for social or professional organizations so there is no charge to belong. However, we do ask that you patronize Shoney's as they are kind in permitting us to use their room.

    Now that spring has arrived, we seek your feedback about what time/day will be best for future meetings in 2008. A successful Alumni Club must have a good number of attendees at events, so please email us to suggest the best time/date for you. Even if you have never attended a meeting, your input is requested. Some of our members graduated and have now moved out of Louisville, so we are willing to adjust our meetings for newer members too. We strive to give you notice about 2-3 weeks in advance. At our past meetings it was decided by the members in attendance that we would begin having meetings on Saturday around noon for lunch to see if this brings more participants to the meetings. We fully respect that potential members attend ERAU courses during the weekdays or are running from work to home and do not have time for weekday meetings. As the club has been using weekday meetings over the last year, it seems like this might be a worthy change of pace to be more inclusive of a greater number of members to attend.

    Shoney's Restaurant:
    6511 Signature Drive
    Louisville, KY 40219

    It is just on the west side of Fern Valley Road from Holiday Drive/High Rise Drive. As a courtesy to our hosts, purchasing food there would be helpful. While there are other restaurants on that side of Fern Valley Road, theirs best fits our dynamics.


    Combined Graduation 10 June 2006

    Official Graduation details

    Information about the 2006 Louisville graduation ceremony is available at GRADUATION CEREMONY 2006. Alumni were welcome to attend the ceremony.

    The ceremony building is called the Indiana War Memorial. A picture of the correct building can be found at http://www.in.gov/iwm/warmemorial/iwm_exterior.html

    . The correct building is also shown in the Indiana War Memorial link above.

    26 March 2006 (Sunday) Next Meeting:

    - (1300-1330)(1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.) Our 9th "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT JUST ACROSS FERN VALLEY ROAD FROM HIGH RISE DRIVE. Followed by a meeting from: (1330-1430)(1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.).

    31 JANUARY 2006 (Tuesday) Next Meeting:

    - (1800-1830)(6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) Our 8th "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT JUST ACROSS FERN VALLEY ROAD FROM HIGH RISE DRIVE. Followed by a meeting from: (1830-1930)(6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.).

    NOVEMBER 2005 (Thursday) Meeting:

    - (1815-1840)(6:15 p.m. to 6:40 p.m.) Our 7th "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT JUST ACROSS FERN VALLEY ROAD FROM HIGH RISE DRIVE. Followed by a meeting from: (1840-1930)(6:40 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.).

    6th OCTOBER 2005 (Thursday) Retirement Party:

    Retirement party for Dollye at Macaroni's Grill. We all wish her the best in her future!

    29th SEPTEMBER 2005 (Thursday) Meeting:

    - (1815-1840)(6:15 p.m. to 6:40 p.m.) Our 5th "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT JUST ACROSS FERN VALLEY ROAD FROM HIGH RISE DRIVE. Followed by a meeting from: (1840-1930)(6:40 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.).

    We had taken a summer break as many members were on vacation, on military operations, or accomplishing over obligations. Now that the fall semester has resumed, our meetings will again take place on a monthly basis. If you have never attend before, please attend and you will be welcomed.

    13 June 2005 (Monday) Meeting:

    - (1730-1830)(5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) Our 4th "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT JUST ACROSS FERN VALLEY ROAD FROM HIGH RISE DRIVE. We had the audience of our members as well as established members of the club. Recent graduates are welcomed and encouraged to join and participate!

    11 June 2005 (Saturday 1300 1:00p.m.) GRADUATION CEREMONIES:

    - Graduation Commencement Ceremonies were held at the Baptist Theological Seminary in the Broadus Chapel located within the Seminary at 2825 Lexington Road.

    CLASS OF 2005

    Master of Aeronautical Science (MAS)

    Kenneth Kishman and Jason Wright

    MAS Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems Certificate

    Brennan Callan

    Master of Business Administration

    Leulseged Belayneh, Andre Baldanza, Michelle Baldanza, Eugene Cox, Timothy DesRoisers, Marko Gittens, Lorain Golson, James Greenwell, Cifford Hicks, John Jenkins, Mae King, Shawn McCurry, Julie Norman, Paul Osting III, Christopher Perry, Alex Restrepo, Brant Venice, John Weatherington, and Todd Wood.

    Aviation Business Administration

    David Holzknecht and Heidi Stenger

    Professional Aeronautics

    Timothy Abney, Rex Adabel, Jason Alonzo, Scott Anderson, Travis Broyles, James Campbell, Casey Clark, Michael Dorsey, James Embry, Cynthia Fante, Lisa Hardison, Randolf Hestler, Nicholas James, Melissa Johnson, Henri Lamont, David Mancini, Joseph Masson, Jeremy Mingus, Douglas Nelson, William Phillips, Gregory Smith, William Steel, Terry Thompson, Jeremy Tremayne, Janice Vermillion, and Angela Warner

    Technical Management

    James Norton

    Aircraft Maintenance

    Angela Warner

    Aviation Maintenance Technology Certificate

    Chris Abshire, Marc Asbury, Candy Curry, Frank Dickerson, Lori Hall, Lisa Hardison, Paul Martin, Catherine Mattingly, Vincent Navarra, Robbi Rogers, Joseph Scutchfield, Renae Shetler, Valerie Smallwood, Rebecca Withey, and Debbie Wooldridge


    to our students elected to Who's Who in American Universities for 2005. Every year colleges and universities nominate students for this prestigious award. Students are selected based on academic performance and civic accomplishments. Our students selected for this year were: Brennan Callan, Ken Gardy, Rich Greenwell, Eric Kunce, Paul Osting III, Jason Rowe and Kurt Walter.

    23 May 2005 (Monday) Meeting:

    - (1730-1830)(5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) Our third "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT was enjoyable. Our members decided that move time back 30 minutes would help to ensure everyone would have time to drive to the meeting.

    13 April 2005 (Wednesday):

    -Our second "MEET & EAT" AT SHONEYS RESTAURANT and the attendance has grown. Our guest speaker, distinguished author, Ray E. Boomhower made a slide presentation about his recently published book (see below). Then group held a brief meeting and decided that moving the meeting time back to 1730 (5:30 p.m.) would help them contend with local traffic and we will change to Mondays for our meeting times.

    Gus Grissom: The Lost Astronaut

    Ray E. Boomhower

    Published By

    Indiana Historical Society Press: http://www.indianahistory.org/

    In the most comprehensive biography on the subject yet, Gus Grissom: The Lost Astronaut offers a more personal side and fuller picture of Grissom's life and character. Author Ray E. Boomhower explores Grissom's life from his days as a child to his service as a combat pilot. He delves into the process by which NASA selected its original seven Mercury astronauts, the jostling for position to be the first American in space, and Grissom.s near-fatal Liberty Bell 7 flight that haunted his subsequent space career. Boomhower spent hours interviewing Grissom's family and friends, including his wife Betty, who were all more than eager to talk about the astronaut, sharing in the belief that this story is one worth telling to a new generation that knows little about his illustrious career.

    This book provides interesting and important insights to NASA, not elsewhere available. The view, through Gus Grissom's experiences, provides insight as relevant today as at any point in NASA history, particularly regarding our recovery from the Space Shuttle Columbia accident. Gus lived a rich life, inspiring to all of us, which is captivatingly conveyed in these pages. He is the prototype astronaut laying the foundations for today's Astronaut Corps. Thanks to Gus Grissom for living a life that inspires us all. -David Wolf, Astronaut, Indiana Native. 300 pp.© 2004. Cloth/b&w illustrations. ISBN: 0-87195-176-2 Purchase your own copy online or at the meeting: http://www.indianahistory.org/historymarket/store/ Look under "RECENTLY PUBLISHED"

    Autographed copies of the book are on sale ONLINE for your shopping convenience, if you were not able to attend. When you contact the historical club, ensure to inform them you seek an autographed copy and type out what you want it to say.

    Ray E. Boomhower will be returning in the fall of 2005 to address our club once more, so you can see him in person in a few months. Everyone greatly enjoyed his last presentation!

    22 March 2005 (Tuesday):

    -Our first "MEET & EAT" was a success and the food was very good. We seek to have even larger attendance at our future meetings, so please communicate with us so we will know what day of the week will work best. It seems that the evenings, starting around 1700 are best for us to "meet & eat" and then start the meeting at 1800-1900. Shoney's will continue as our meeting location for the present time.

    "Louisville Center" (Extended Campus) information

    Louisville Center: Extended Campus

    Wireless high-speed Internet service is now available (Feb 2006) in the ERAU Center classrooms.

    DIRECTIONS TO "Louisville Center" of ERAU

    Louisville Center Page: http://www.ec.erau.edu/apps/wwc/centerinfo.cfm?CODE=07
    Contact Information for Louisville Center Extended Campus:
    Mailing Address:
    Louisville Center
    300 High Rise Drive, Suite 392
    Louisville, KY 40213
    Send E-mail To: louisville.center@erau.edu
    Phone Numbers: 502-964-9204 Fax number: 502-964-9205


    Look for changes to Louisville Center: Extended Campus web site in the coming months. The Louisville Center web page will be designed for potential future students and Blackboard will be used for current students. Some information currently available on the Center web site will move to Blackboard.

    Please welcome Lee Anne Sadler to our ERAU office. Lee Anne recently graduated from the University of Louisville with a BA in Communication with Public Relations emphasis. We are very happy to have her on the team!


    Purchase your books from the Missouri Book Store (MBS). Call them at 1-800-325-3252, and tell MBS that you are attending classes at the ERAU in Louisville and give them the course number of the book you want to buy. If you use a credit card for the purchase, the book will be sent to your home address in approximately 3 days. Or order online at: www.mbsdirect.net


    Louisville Center & Community Information Newsletter-2006 Class Schedules Spring 2006 Newsletters

    Louisville Center

    Louisville Center: Extended Campus

    Louisville Center: Extended Campus

    All Extended Campus students are encouraged to attend a local ceremony. The Center ceremony for future graduations be conducted at the Indianapolis War Memorial in Indianapolis. This will be a joint ceremony for students completing degree programs at Centers located in Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis and Louisville.

    2004-2005 ERAU Alumni Chapter Manual

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Members and future officers of the BAC will need to become familiar with the 2004-2005 ERAU Alumni Chapter Manual and you can download it at this link.


    Fort Campbell, Kentucky Extended Campus

    Indianapolis, Indiana Extended Campus

    Cincinnati, Ohio/Northern KY Extended Campus

    Wright Patterson - Dayton Area Extended Campus


    Academic Policies and Procedures

    Alumni Network Newsletter

    Blackboard.com help: Educational Technology Team
    Center Directory and Department Listing: Electronic copy of the Center Directory and Department Listing
    Daytona Campus--Clubs & Organizations
    Distance Learning, Department of
    Distance Learning--Graduate Schedule
    Distance Learning--Undergraduate Schedule
    Eagle Cards
    Eagle Card Homepage
    Eagles Online: Sports
    EC Computer Support
    EXPERTS LIST--Find ERAU Experts to help you.
    Extended Campus Procedures and Operations Manual
    HR Forms

    Florida Sky Fest

    Gay and Lesbian, Bisexuals Alliance ("Gay-Straight Alliance")at Daytona Campus

    Gay Lesbian Association of Student Services at ERAU Prescott Campus

    Prescott Campus--Clubs & Organizations

    Students, alumni, faculty, you can sign up for these newsgroups and others if you are interested in these topics:
    Jobs: eraualumnijobboard@yahoogroups.com
    Aeronautics: eembryriddleaerospace@yahoogroups.com
    See yahoo.groups.com for other similar groups.

    The Terminal Newsletter (Monthly)

    The Leader
    The Leader magazine, featuring the people and programs of ERAU, is published twice a year, in the spring and fall, by the Office of Marketing and Enrollment Management.

    Educational Opportunities

    ERAU: CASE Short Courses

    Updates coming.

    Reusable Space Exploration Vehicle Project

    To: embryriddleaerospace@yahoogroups.com
    From: "Benjamin Paul Swem"
    The Reusable Space Exploration Vehicle Project

    At this time the RSEV project is looking for information on aerospace engineers and propulsion system experts who would be interested in supporting or signing on to the project when funding becomes available. The RSEV project is looking to build to teams; a Design Team and a Propulsion Team.

    The Design Team which will focus on the research and development of the concept design, management of the project and organizing supportand experiments.

    The Propulsion Team which will focus on the research and development of the ship's propulsion and power generation systems. For more information please visit the RSEV Project website below and contact the project president. If you would be interested in signing onto one of the teams when the time comes or would like to support the project in some other manner, please let me know.

    In the near future I am looking to expand the RSEV project's status to that of a Non-Profit Organization. Awaiting funds and information to fill out paperwork and meet requirements. Once I have an idea of who would sign onto my Design Team, I will take the next step towards gaining regular financial support from organization and government sources.

    Benjamin P. Swem
    President, RSEV Project



    ANN NewsTicker: Get ANN NewsTicker for YOUR Aviation Site

    American Antigravity.com

    Coast To Coast AM Radio Show

    The Disclosure Project

    Enterprise Mission

    ESRI GIS Mapping Software

    Flight Safety Information

    Lawyers Pilots Bar Association

    Lewis Engineering & Associates (Aviation Safety)

    National Gay Pilot's Association

    Star Date Online

    U.S. Navy Observatory: Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day

    Youth Aviation Foundation


    AeroTech at Bowman Field (KLOU)(and other locations in KY)

    Air Center One

    Air Operations

    Aviation Technology Management Inc.

    Blue Lick Airport (07KY), Brooks, KY. on Airstrip America

    Blue Lick Airport (07KY), Brooks, KY. on AirNav

    Bluelick Aero Enterprize LLC / JARCO at Blue Lick Airport (07KY), Brooks, KY.

    Bowman Eagles

    Bowman Field (KLOU)

    Central American Airways at Bowman Field (KLOU)

    Classic Biplane Tours LLC.

    Experimental Aircraft Association

    Experimental Aircraft Association--Chapter 110 LOUISVILLE, KY

    Glendale Flying Club at Bowman Field (KLOU)

    Hap's Aerial Enterprises & Aviation Flight School: Clark County, IND

    Honaker Aviation--Flight training for the private pilot to the career pilot

    Kentucky Air National Guard 123 Wing

    Kentucky Experimental Aviation Association

    Le Relais, Restaurant Francais

    Situated in the historic airport terminal of Bowman Field, Le Relais offers a grand dining experience like no other in Louisville. Here you will find exquisite French cuisine, prepared with only the finest, freshest ingredients, combined with relaxed, first-class service and an intimate, 1940s art-deco ambiance (plush banquettes, burled-wood walls, and closely spaced, white-clothed tables) reminiscent of the Café from the movie "Casablanca."

    For a more romantic view of the airport, silhouetted against a glorious sunset, try our outdoor dining on the deck with a little imagination, you can see it exactly as Charles Lindbergh did when he landed the "Spirit of St. Louis" here in 1927.

    Louisville Aviation

    Louisville International Airport (KSDF)

    Louisville International Airport (KSDF) Internet Flight Tracking and Information System

    Almost Live Displace of (KSDF)

    Louisville Soaring Club (located at Bardstown, KY. Samuel's Airport Field (BRY) is only 30 miles south of Louisville, KY.)
    By ground - the airport is located a couple of miles west of Bardstown's center square on Hwy 62.

    Louisville Executive.Com at Bowman Field (KLOU)

    NASA Educational Materials


    Airline Transport Professionals
    Airline Pilot Training and Pilot Career Development

    American Spirit

    Aviation Museum of KentuckyLexington, Kentucky

    Aviation Museum of KentuckyLexington, Kentucky. OFFICIAL SITE

    The Kolb Aircraft


    Alien Song

    The Alien Song Spike Mike of the Fantastic Forum pointed us to an amusing video called The Alien Song by animator Victor Navone.

    Warning: The following content may cause sudden loss of ability to breathe, loss of physical composure and severe lung dammage due to sudden and extreme uncontrollable outbursts of gut wrenching laughter!

    Video clip of a flying lawnmower. (Requires Windows Media Player) http://www.3d-nut.com/videos/skycutter40.wmv

    Video clip of Actual UFO as taped by Channel 13 ABC News: Summoning UFOs: Tonight's first hour guest, Prophet Yahweh, says he can summon UFOs on demand. Recently, KTNV-TV in Las Vegas sent an investigative reporter to check out his claims. Their video appears to show Prophet Yahweh calling down a UFO, much to the surprise of the reporter and several onlookers. Watch the news segment


    UFO Mag




    Moller Inc.

    AOPA Training

    Aviation Institute of Maintenance

    Greg Brown's: Flying Carpet


    Flight Physical



    Net Jets

    Quick Log

    Spartan College

    Take Flight

    The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Woman Pilots

    Women in Aviation


    ICAS Foundation Looking for a Few Good Men and Women

    The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Foundation is inviting scholarship applications from qualified men and women seeking to enhance or expand their aviation training and aerobatic skills. The foundation sponsors several aviation-related scholarships each year that commemorate loved and much-missed members of the air show community. They range in value from $1,000 to $2,000.

    Eligible applicants are invited to apply for one or more scholarships. Applications for each scholarship must be submitted on the official application form, which is available from the Foundation.s web site http://www.icasfoundation.org/. Submissions may be made via e-mail or mailed directly to International Council of Air Shows Foundation, 751 Miller Drive, S.E. Suite F-4 Leesburg, VA 20175. The deadline for submitting applications is ??? Scholarship recipients are chosen by a panel of family and friends of those for whom the scholarships are named. Scholarship winners will be notified by ???

    http://www.icasfoundation.org/International Council of Air Shows

    ICAS Scholarships

    AvScholars Online Scholarship Search Service

    Civil Air Patrol



    National Coalition for Aviation Education

    Nellie Mae

    Financing Pilot Training

    Sallie Mae

    Pilot Finance

    VA Benefits


    Star Trek

    Quark's Bar & Grill Menu


    Student Pilot Network












    Computer Aided Testing

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    The views of this page are not necessarily those of ERAU, its Extended Campus, its Distance Learning Program, or the "Louisville Center" or any of its employees anywhere on Earth or in Space. At this time, this organization (BAC) is a completely separate organization from ERAU and has not been chartered or formally recognized by ERAU or any of its departments. The purpose of the "interest group" is to gain that formal recognition, pursuant to the 2004-2005 ERAU Alumni Chapter Manual (See a link to each chapter of that manual, above).

    Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent 
    Bon Voyage,

    Brennan Callan,
    President of BAC
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